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My mission is to develop each of my student’s ability to the fullest extent possible and, in so doing, to perpetuate Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s world-renowned Talent Education philosophy and practice.

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) established the Suzuki Method based on his Talent Education philosophy (often called The “Mother-tongue”  method or the “Method for the Development of Genius”) which asserts that all children can play a musical instrument as easily as they can speak their own language if the same natural learning process is followed. In the correct musical environment, an environment of listening to the greatest artists’ performances of the works of the great composers and listening intently to one’s own sound, the child will acquire and demonstrate fine musical ability.

With parental knowledge and support, immersing the child in the language of music as soon as possible, each child can begin lessons as early as age of three or four. Parents, guided by the teacher, create a richly stimulating and psychologically positive home environment in which their child will develop musical ability naturally and virtually effortlessly.

The parent takes the first few lessons. When the child is ready to begin, he or she receives one individual lesson per week. Recitals are given quarterly throughout the year.

Musically yours,

Lucy Lee - Suzuki Piano Teacher

About Ms. Lee

Ms. Lucy Lee began her piano studies at the age of six with Ralph Hedges of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra and graduated from Punahou Academy. She holds a BS in Music Education, cum laude, with a major in Piano.

After many successful years of teaching conventional piano, her search for a better way to teach the young beginner led her to Oberlin Conservatory. There, in a pedagogy class, she discovered a piano method based upon listening.

Subsequently she attended a concert of "The Suzuki Players" touring the United States from The Matsumoto School in Japan. Their playing convinced her that she had at last found the teaching approach she had been seeking.

Ms. Lee began her post-graduate studies in Suzuki Piano Pedagogy with master teacher-trainer Mary Craig Powell at Capital University (graduate accreditation through the University of Dayton) in 1985. Additional studies have included Japanese pedagogy with Dr. Kataoka, co-founder of the piano method in Matsumoto, and long-term study with master teacher-trainer Bruce Anderson, a graduate of the Matsumoto School.  Ms. Lee has helped organize, direct, and perform in a number of Talent Education of Florida's Multi-Piano Concerts.

Ms. Lee is registered with The Suzuki Association of the Americas and is a member of Piano Basics Foundation, founded by Dr. Kataoka.

She has been teaching piano for over 30 years.